Celebrating North Florida’s Doctors

Leaders in Transplant Innovation in Florida

Half-century of Saving Lives Through
the Advancement of Organ Transplants

By Karin Lillis

Over the course of the last five decades, University of Florida Health Shands Transplant Center faculty and staff have performed more than 8,000 organ transplants. They provide lifesaving care for adult patients receiving heart, liver, lung, kidney and pancreas transplants. The center also provides care for pediatric patients receiving heart, lung, kidney and pancreas transplants.

“UF Health Shands Hospital is fully committed to organ transplantation. UF was the first center in the state to provide most of these lifesaving procedures. The intent is to build on this foundation and…

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What is the Value of Your Practice?

Determining the Right Standard of Valuation for Your Business.

By Hunter M. Outcalt, CPA and John J. Hakanson

The signing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in March 2010 brought about a tremendous amount of uncertainty regarding reimbursement in the healthcare industry. Many physician practices, which are often run similarly to other types of small businesses, are not equipped to handle stiff reimbursement pressure. This has created an environment of significant consolidation and acquisition activity for healthcare providers across the country.

In valuation, it is first necessary to determine…

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Simply The Best

How to Grow Your Practice through Patient Interviews—and Not Spend a Penny Doing It!

By Matt Donnelly

Imagine being able to create more profitable patients just like your best ones. Just a pipe dream? Nope, it’s very possible through patient interviews.

By understanding the reasons why your best patients first came to you and continue to do so, you can discover patterns—and even exact phrases!—to use in recruiting more patients like them. This research can feed directly into your marketing activities and strategies.

And it only costs a little imagination and some of your time (or an employee’s time).

Locate Your Best Customers

The first thing you need to do is …

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You Are Not Alone

One Physician’s Journey From the Loneliness of Success
to Discovering Genuine Purpose Through Trials and Suffering.

By Dr. Sean Orr

In my old life, I believed that I was alone. Like a classic Greek tragedy, all that I had built came to ruin at the hands of my hubris. My arrogance and pride blinded me to the real source of my power, the real reason for my existence. And as with all tragedies, it was inevitable that I would fall. Do not make the same mistake, my fellow Physician, do not lose faith. For you are not alone.

In my old life, I believed I was …

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