Celebrating North Florida’s Doctors

The Next Frontier in Regenerative Medicine

The Art of Human Experience Meets the Future of Medicine

Lewis J. Obi, MD founder and medical partner at Pangenics Regenerative Center, Jacksonville, FL
—Florida Doctor Magazine: Spring 2019

As a young Marine in the Korean War, Dr. Lewis J. Obi’s eyes were opened to the human potential of man’s ability to restore what injury and disease had taken away. He saw firsthand the various trials and challenges patients are left to struggle through following injury, and he admired those who helped them persevere on the road to recovery. These experiences inspired Dr. Obi to dedicate his life to restoring the lives of others…

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Healing, Healer and Health

A Holistic Approach to the Doctor/Patient Relationship

Abe Kurien, MD, Jacksonville, FL
—Florida Doctor Magazine: Spring 2019

The concept of health as applied to a human being implies wholeness of functions. Efforts at restoration of health are defined as healing, and a person who practices healing is called a healer. Hence, the adjective holistic is relevant to all aspects of human activities in the sphere of healing. This perspective of what health is and how to practice healing arose…

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10 Tips For Healthier Sleep

There’s More to a Full Night’s Rest Than What Meets the Eye

Christine Granfield, MD, Jacksonville, FL
—Florida Doctor Magazine: Spring 2019

SLEEP. Doctors never seem to get enough of it. It evades us like an elusive mercury droplet. We put it off through college, medical school, internship, residency, fellowship, and then practice—always promising ourselves we’ll catch up on our next day off. But we never do. There is too much to do, with little precious time…

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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Growing Trends and Opportunities of AI are Impacting Innovation, Research and Investment in the Healthcare Industry

Michael Marzoug, Director of Neurology, Baptist Health Jacksonville
—Florida Doctor Magazine: Spring 2019

Artificial intelligence is providing significant growth opportunities for healthcare providers and increasingly impacting patient care, but there are significant challenges to understand and overcome.

There are three components of artificial intelligence. The primary application of AI is a program that can sense…

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Innovation in Healthcare Payments

Advancements in Patient-to-Provider Payment Options is Improving Doctors’ Bottom Line

Amy L. Crawford and Travis Williams —Florida Doctor Magazine: Spring 2019

Today’s healthcare-spend of over $3.3 trillion annually in the U.S. is growing at a rapid pace. With out-of-pocket expenses on the rise, consumers are bearing more and more of the cost, exacerbating the already challenging collections effort for healthcare providers. In fact, medical debt in the U.S. is staggering at approximately $75 billion.

Traditional patient-to-provider payment processes…

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