Celebrating North Florida’s Doctors

Investing in Land

Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees…or Does it?

Hunter Brandt —Florida Doctor Magazine: Spring 2019

Owning land has been a dream for American families throughout the history of our country, and John D. Rockefeller was once quoted as saying, “The major fortunes in America have been made in land.” Investing in land can be an easy process with an experienced advisor alongside, but for others, it’s a daunting process because the value of rural land, farms and ranches is not as easy to ascertain…

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Vendors, Taxes and Medical Practices

New tax laws may require some businesses to collect additional taxes, increasing costs for the final consumer

Hugh McCafferty, CPA, CGMA —Florida Doctor Magazine: Spring 2019

In a recent Federal court case, South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., the United States Supreme Court ruled 5 to 4 in favor of allowing states to collect sales tax irrespective of nexus. Previously, nexus (location of taxing entity for purposes of collecting a tax…

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Political Correctness and the Taboo Topics in Medicine

Physician Opinion

“Modern academia—with the force of government, refuge of the courts, and theater of media—may be the greatest impediment ever to the growth of knowledge and pursuit of truth.”

Dr. Edwin Leap

—Florida Doctor Magazine: Spring 2019

write for several publications, and I’m always pitching to new venues. Recently I pitched an idea to an editor. I wanted to write about gun research from the perspective of a rural physician. In particular, I wanted to ask what might physicians say if researchers found answers that were uncomfortable. What if they found that intact families, strong fathers, religious engagement or familiarity …

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Emergence of Direct Primary Care Membership Medicine

Emergence of Direct Primary Care Membership Medicine

Dr. Sharyl Truty, Balanced Physician Care, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
—Florida Doctor Magazine: Spring 2019

One of the new practice models in the physician community is membership medicine—an emerging patient self-pay model. As it gains traction in the marketplace, some view it with skepticism, some with cynicism, and others have embraced it and are experiencing a measure of success.

Many primary care doctors can see the changing landscape of healthcare moving towards …

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10 Tips to Make the Most of CME Opportunities

Here are ten tips to help you make the most of the CME opportunities available to you as a Florida physician

Bryan Campbell, CEO, Duvall County Medical Society
and Melissa Carter, VP, Florida Medical Association
—Florida Doctor Magazine: Summer 2018

Ok, we know. Completing continuing medical education (CME) is not always at the top of your list of favorite things to do. particularly when regulatory boards and licensing authorities impose seemingly arbitrary and cumbersome requirements that may seem irrelevant to your everyday practice. With the resulting box-checking, credit-counting and searching for mysterious “mandatory” education, it is no wonder that physicians are left scratching their heads …

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